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Steering Group

The Strengthened Export Controls Steering Group

A Strengthened Export Controls Steering Group (SECSG) comprising of representatives from industry, research, and government sectors was appointed by the Minister for Defence to provide advice, oversight and review of the Act’s operation and implementation.

As specified in the  Act, the Steering Group advises the Minister for Defence and the Minister for Industry on:

• the adequacy of the organisational and governmental arrangements, and the identification, assessment and management of risks, costs and administrative burden, associated with intangible transfers of Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL) technologies; and
• the oversight, design and delivery of a pilot program to identify the adequacy of the Act, the Regulation, the implementation arrangements and the resources for regulating intangible transfers of DSGL technologies; and recommendations for amendments to the Act, the Regulation and the implementation arrangements in view of the pilot program; and
• whether the Act, the Regulation and the implementation arrangements are not more restrictive than United States export control regulations in relation to university activities.

The Terms of Reference for the Steering Group are available here.

The Steering Group will continue to work closely with the Department of Defence throughout the implementation period, helping to ensure the new controls fulfil Australia’s international obligations and national security requirements, while not unnecessarily restricting trade, research and international collaboration or reducing the international competitiveness of the research sector.  The Steering Group meets quarterly and outcomes of the meetings are made public on this website, here.

The Steering Group is chaired by Australia’s Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb, AC. The Steering Group members are:

• Professor Ian Chubb AC, Chair;
• Professor Peter Høj, co-Deputy Chair (university);
• Mr Ken Peacock AM, co-Deputy Chair (industry);
• Professor Anne Kelso, CEO National Health and Medical Research Council;
• Professor Aidan Byrne, CEO Australian Research Council;
• Professor Mike Calford, university representative;
• Mr David Gillard (BAE Systems), industry representative;
• Mr Michael Edwards (Boeing), industry representative;
• Mr Ohad Katz (Raytheon), industry representative; and
• Dr Alex Zelinsky, Defence representative;
• Mrs Jane Urquhart, Department of Industry representative.

Biographies of the Steering Group members are available here.